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screw presses

Tailor-made solutions for optimal sludge dewatering.

Shaping the future of mechanical engineering

Innovative manufacturing in Austria, global partnerships, and constant growth.

Through strategic global partnerships, we have created a network that makes our products available worldwide. Our long-standing collaborations in Europe and America enable us to have a local presence and at the same time set global standards in efficiency and performance.

Let's work together on your next solution!

Our innovative production in Austria and the EU is the heart of FDM Tech. Not only are state-of-the-art screw presses for sludge dewatering created here, but also groundbreaking technologies that are redefining industry standards. Our expert teams work passionately on the development and production of each machine to ensure the highest quality and precision.

FDM Tech's constant growth is based on our relentless commitment to innovation. We strive to continually expand the boundaries of special machine construction and set new standards for reliability and effectiveness. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to always offer our customers the latest and most advanced solutions.

Innovation, quality and global reach are the pillars on which FDM Tech is built. We are proud to offer our customers a collaborative partnership based on trust, expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Premium screw press solutions

Optimized sludge dewatering starts here!

We at FDM Tech are ready to meet your individual requirements in special machine construction. Whether tailor-made screw presses or innovative solutions for your specific needs – we are at your side. Contact our team today to discuss your projects and requirements. Together we can shape the next phase of your success.