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High performance and reliability:

Our screw presses in focus

Our screw presses are the result of innovation, precision and an unwavering commitment to the highest quality in special machine construction. Discover our leading technology designed to meet your needs for efficiency, reliability and adaptability.



Our state-of-the-art screw presses – the heart of our efficient solutions in special machine construction.

Variable speed control

Adjustable drainage rates

Automatic cleaning system

Minimized maintenance times

Touchscreen control panel

Intuitive control and monitoring

Customizable capacity options

Flexible production requirements

Robust stainless steel construction

Long-lasting and hygienic solution

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Reduced energy consumption

Sewage treatment plants and wastewater management

Screw presses play a crucial role in sewage treatment plants and wastewater management. They are used to dewater sludge, reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of or treated. This leads to more efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment.

Food and beverage industry

In the food and beverage industry, screw presses are often used to dewater solid waste or residues such as fruit peels, vegetable scraps or pomace. This reduces the amount of waste and enables efficient disposal or further processing.

Paper and pulp industry

In the paper and pulp industry, screw presses are used to treat dewatered sludge from wastewater plants. They help remove water from the sludge and press it into a stronger, drier form, making it easier to dispose of or process and reducing the environmental impact.

screw press

"The screw press is a key component in the field of special engineering and is considered an essential tool for the efficient dewatering of sludge in various industries. This state-of-the-art machine uses a rotating screw to remove the contained water from the sludge and convert it into a solid, drier form to press. This process not only reduces the volume of the sludge, but also facilitates disposal or further processing. The screw press offers customization options for different materials and applications to meet the specific requirements of different industries. Their reliability, efficiency and versatility make it making them an indispensable component in processes that require efficient dewatering and treatment of sludges.